• Amazon

    Working for Amazon introduces unique challenges vis-à-vis understanding your equity compensation, investing for retirement, and getting the most out of your benefits package.

    Whether you are contemplating an offer or you are a new hire or a tenured Amazonian, Wealth45 offers the financial insight to guide the way and bring peace of mind.

    • What does a typical new hire compensation package look like?
    • How should I think about the value of RSU grants?
    • What about future compensation? What role does equity/RSUs play?
    • Should I participate in Amazon’s 401k retirement plan?
    • Given Amazon’s equity compensation model, how should I think about my investment portfolio differently?

    You—as an employee—have a big bet on Amazon. Your job, your equity compensation, and your 401k match all depend to some degree on Amazon’s continued success. Wealth45 provides information and resources to help bring clarity and focus to your financial life.

    Amazon FAQs

    Amazon.com’s 401(k) program

    Amazon.com’s 401(k) retirement plan for employees is managed by Vanguard Group.

    • 20+ investment options available
    • Company match can be invested in Amazon.com stock (AMZN) fund
    • BrightScope gives the plan an Average rating for its peer group

    Click here for details on Amazon’s 401(k) plan

    Does Amazon.com have a Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)?

    No, but Amazon is a heavy user of equity compensation in the form of RSUs.

    What are Restricted Stock Units (RSU)?

    An RSU is the right to receive a share of company stock after a vesting period is satisfied. They are offered to employees as a form of long-term compensation. The employee receives the stock, and is able to sell, once they have vested. RSUs are considered ordinary income on the day they vest.