• Retirement nest egg at age 45

    How Much Wealth Should You Have by Age 45?

    As a rule, people like to know if they are making progress toward a comfortable retirement, how their wealth compares to their peers, and how their investments are performing. When saving for retirement, the question is often “how much should I have saved at my age?” Ideally, this question would be answered in the context […]

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  • GICS sectors - tech not tech sector for investing

    Are Amazon and Google technology companies?

    When you think of large technology companies, you probably think of companies like the so-called FAANG stocks: Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX), Google (GOOG). Not a bad starter list of highly successful “tech” companies. But from an investing standpoint—of the 5 FAANG stocks—only Apple Inc. is considered part of the Information Technology […]

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  • TDF-401k easy button

    Target Date Retirement Funds

    The most common investments in many tech company 401k plans are target date retirement funds. These funds provide employees with exposure to a diversified investment portfolio that systematically shifts out of risky asset classes (like stocks) and into less volatile investments (like bonds) as you get older and closer to retirement. Firms like Amazon.com and […]

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  • yelling man

    A Recovery for the Ages

    Most risky assets staged a dramatic recover in the second quarter of 2020. The S&P 500 index (large U.S. stocks), MSCI EAFE index (developed markets international stocks) and the MSCI Emerging Markets index all bounced of year-to-date lows set on March 23. The Russell 2000 index (small U.S. stock) shined among the equity indices by […]

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  • Rising investment values

    Rule of 72

    As you save for retirement, there is a simple rule of thumb that can be handy in determining what your investments will be worth in the future. It is called the “Rule of 72.” This simple rule quickly tells you how long it takes to double your money at a given rate of return (or […]

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  • how to react to covid losses keep calm and do nothing*

    Now What?

    Now What? Stay calm and do nothing. With global stock markets tumbling and an extreme level of uncertainty around the future, human nature is act, to do something, to intercede, to make things better. Yet as a long-term investor, you are often best served by doing nothing different (or very little). Just let your investment […]

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