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    Target Date Retirement Funds

    The most common investments in many tech company 401k plans are target date retirement funds. These funds provide employees with exposure to a diversified investment portfolio that systematically shifts out of risky asset classes (like stocks) and into less volatile investments (like bonds) as you get older and closer to retirement. Firms like Amazon.com and […]

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  • Roadmap to Retirement

    Roadmap to Retirement: FIRE or FRA

    A comfortable retirement—with ample assets—is the ultimate savings goal. Sacrifice consumption today so that one day you are financially independent and can retire with a fulsome lifestyle. Early retirement advocates have adopted the acronym FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) as their rallying cry. The FIRE movement largely focuses on limiting expenses—living on a fraction of […]

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  • Magic of Roth IRA

    The Magic of a Roth IRA

    A Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Account) offers a unique advantage for many investors; the magical ability to earn tax-free income. These tax-advantaged accounts allow you to indefinitely grow your investments without ever paying Federal income tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains. I say “indefinitely” because, as opposed to Traditional IRAs, there is no required […]

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  • Amazonian’s $1 Billion Retirement Bet

    Amazon employees have invested $1 billion of their 401(k) retirement funds[1] in their employer’s stock—by far the single largest holding in Amazon’s 401(k) plan. Luckily, this was a very good bet during 2017 (up 56%) and has continued to be an outstanding investment during 2018 (up over 70% as of end of September). Implying a […]

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  • Maximize your after tax 401k

    Save Taxes on 401(k) Distributions

    Preferential Tax Treatment on Company Stock in Your 401(k) If you hold shares of your employer’s stock in your 401(k) account, there is an IRS rule with the potential to significantly reduce your future tax burden. The rule pertains to net unrealized appreciation (NUA). NUA is the difference between the price you originally paid for […]

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  • What Do Amazon Employees Invest In?

    401(k) plan sponsors are required to file Form 5500 with the Department of Labor every year. Along with other information, Form 5500 lists which investments plan participants have selected for their retirement funds—giving us insight into how Amazon.com employees choose to invest for retirement. So what do your fellow Amazon employees invest in? Perhaps not […]

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