• RSU Income & Mortgage Qualification

    Working for a tech company—like Amazon—that uses Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) as compensation, can limit your ability to qualify for the home mortgage you might desire. Luckily, more mortgage providers now accept income from RSUs in their qualification calculations, but it may take some advanced planning on your part. This change is likely based on […]

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  • Financial Ribbernecking - how do you stack up?

    How Do You Stack Up?

    Employees at technology companies—as a group—are highly compensated. Nonetheless, it may not feel like it, given the high cost of living in tech hubs like Seattle or the San Francisco Bay Area. To keep grounded in reality, I look forward every three years to the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances for the latest […]

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  • Happiness And Your Money

    You may have heard about a study out of Princeton University’s Center for Health and Well-Being which pegged the income required for maximizing happiness at $75,000 annually. The essence of the study’s findings is that day-to-day happiness, or what the study refers to as “emotional well-being,” continues to increase as income rises to $75K, and […]

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