• statistically probable investing - distributions

    Statistically Probable Investing

    We are often asked, “What’s your investment thesis?” Although various investment approaches impact your accumulation of wealth differently, we don’t believe selecting the “best” investment thesis is the most critical decision. The largest long-term influence on your wealth—unless you are already independently wealthy—is more likely whether you have implemented a disciplined investment plan. Systematic contributions […]

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  • Hazardous Advice - watch out!

    Hazardous Advice—Reaching for Yield

    Acting on generic investment advice in magazines—or on the internet—can be hazardous to your wealth. In their desire to attract readers, publications often fail to fully explain an investment or adequately disclose the risks. The other day I ran across a particularly worrisome article on Forbes.com with the title “The Amazing 8.8% Cash Payout No […]

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  • Human Capital vs. Financial Capital

    A person’s net worth is generally considered the sum of financial assets (stocks, bonds, savings) and real assets (automobiles, real estate) less debts (mortgage, credit cards). But this view fails to account for Human Capital—the value of all future wages. For younger workers, Human Capital is generally much larger than accumulated Financial Capital. Human Capital […]

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  • Investment Advice: is there really a difference?

    It can be overwhelming to research all the different financial advisory firms out there today. Who is a good advisor? Whom can I trust? Given this uncertainty, most people solicit recommendations from friends or family. They then hire the recommended advisor without examining alternatives or selecting the right person for their specific situation. In this post we try […]

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